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Must-Have Hairstyles: The Hottest Summer Looks

This summer, the temperature isn’t the only thing that’s hot. There are some great hairstyles showing up this season, and you’ve come to the right place to find them. From cute cuts to beachy tresses and heavenly hues, keep reading to discover this summer’s must-have hairstyles.


Now, before we jump into the full-on hairstyles and colors that are must have for summer 2015, there’s one small thing to discuss – bangs. While these were once reserved for young girls, they have come a long way. In fact, they are quite possibly one of the most versatile looks around. They also fit right in with the boho queen look that hearkens back to the ‘70s – you know, that whole everything old becomes new again thing.

If you’ve always thought you could never pull off bangs, or that they were only for the younger crowd, think again. Bangs have the ability to help you create several different looks with the same hairstyle, and they even make you look younger by hiding those forehead creases and such. There are also many styles from which to choose:

  • Blunt – These work great for those with oval and round faces with medium or long cuts
  • Side-Swept – Whether worn in the mid-length range or longer, side-swept bangs work for nearly everyone. Whether your face is round, oval, diamond or square, you can pull off side-swept bangs easily, and they work great with hair of all lengths.
  • Full – These ‘70s style bangs are a hot trend right now, and if your face is square, you’ll love rocking them all summer long. Plus, you can sweep them to the side, part them in the middle, wear them wispy or just go full-on depending on your mood.
  • Curly – Ladies with curls can also rock bangs for a great bohemian look. Just make sure they aren’t too short and you’re sure to be on point.

Curls, Curls and More Curls

If you’ve noticed anything this summer, it’s likely you’ve seen plenty of curls everywhere you’ve turned. That’s because curls of all shapes and sizes are still going strong. Whether your hair is long or short, you can (and should!) be rocking loose beachy waves or perfectly shiny ringlets this summer.

  • Beachy Waves – That slightly messy but totally gorgeous beach waved hair is still going strong, and it looks great with almost any hairstyle – especially if you have long lush locks. If you’re ready to take on this sizzling summer look, try the Midnight Curling Wand – it will help you get loose waves without damaging your hair.
  • Ringlets – Ringlets are also a hot look – think Shirley Temple. All you need to do for this hot look is grab a curling iron – whether you love lots of curls, or you want larger messier ones, this is another great style that works with any hair and length.

Short and Messy

The undone look is another hot must-have look for the summer. If you’ve always thought short hair was too much work, think again! With the combination of multi-length and bi-level cuts that are sprouting up everywhere, you are sure to discover an entirely new look you can’t wait to try out. If you really want to speed up the styling process, grab a great blow dryer like the Royal Ultra Light that dries your hair fast without causing it to frizz and you’ll be on your way in no time.


The Lob

While the bob certainly has staying power, it’s just too perfect (and short) for some. Enter the lob – a long bob with lots of style. This hot summer look is gracing runways and red carpets alike. The best way to wear it? With a hint of layers and blunt ends. You can give it a beach wave or go totally sleek – it looks great no matter how you wear it!


If you want the hottest color this summer, it has to be red. Whether you opt for a luscious strawberry, alluring chestnut or ravishingly bold red, all of them are at the top of the list for the hottest colors. For you dark-locked ladies, try out a bold monotonal brunette and make sure everyone notices your on-point style that is literally all over the runways this season as well.

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