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Seven Tips for Wand Curling for All Hair Types

Gorgeous messy waves are certainly one of the hottest looks around right now, but it can be difficult to achieve that messy beach look. From your hair type to the look you are going for and the wand you use, each of these play a key role in achieving the styles you want. Here, you will discover seven tips that will help you curl your hair with a wand like a pro.


Know Your Wand

First things first, you need to understand the difference between a wand and a curling iron. The most noticeable difference between the two is that a curling iron has a clasp that holds your hair in place while you are curling. This helps you achieve tight curls and ringlets. A wand does not have a clasp, and helps you achieve loose, natural looking waves.

Whether you choose a curling iron or a wand is up to you, and the look you want to achieve. If polished ringlets are your goal, a curling iron might be the better choice. However, if you want to capture that softer messier look that is hot right now, you’ll need a wand.

Choosing a Size

Curling wands come in a variety of sizes, and the size you choose makes a big difference in the overall look. The following are the most popular sizes available, and the look you’ll be able to achieve with them:

  • 1-Inch – This size will provide curls that are slightly between a simple beachy wave and a ringlet. It works well on straight or wavy hair, and gives you more texture in your ‘do.
  • 1.25-Inch – This is a great size for most hair types and lengths. It will provide beautiful finger waves for a wavy, relaxed look.
  • 1.5-Inch – Long locks love this size wand as it provides softer waves that have just a bit of noticeable curl.
  • 2-Inch – If you have super long hair, and want long softly waving curls, this wand will do the trick.

When purchasing your wand, you’ll want to look for one that is ceramic for the best results. While you can use others, such as tourmaline or gold, ceramic wands like the Midnight Curling Wand, provide even heat that curls the hair from the inside out – this provides uniform curling and additional protection from damage too.

Now that you know which size wand you need, on to how to use it to get that sexy look!

Prepare for Curling

Now, before you just turn that wand up to highest setting and go, you need to make sure your hair is ready. For best results, your hair should be clean and free from tons of product build-up. Too many products will just weigh your hair down, which means those waves will fall flat very quickly.

Protection Please!

Heat is a great styling tool, but it can also cause some damage over time. Make sure you use a good thermal heat protector every time you use your wand. Apply it from roots to tips on your damp hair and you’ll avoid that frizzed out I’ve-used-a-bit-too-much-heat look. If your hair is really wet, now is also the time to blow dry it until it is slightly damp.


Preheating your wand is a must if you want to see the best results. Most wands only take a minute or less to reach the desired heat setting. While some wands go as high as 450 degrees, there is no need to go that high. Your best bet is to start out on a low setting and adjust until you see proper results. You should never go over 300 degrees – anything higher is much more likely to cause damage.

Protect Yourself

Since wands don’t have clamps for the hair, you will have to hold the ends when curling. While most manufacturers provide heat resistant gloves, the Midnight wand has a convenient handle at the end for better control without burning yourself.

Getting Started

You’ll want to use your wand with the cord pointing up, and make sure you wrap as much of each strand as you can. You’ll also need to make sure you do smaller sections to achieve the most curl. Do your entire head, making sure to let each curl cool before you start styling.

Get the Look

Once you’ve done your entire head, use your fingers to break up the curls. If you want tighter curls, just go easy on the separating. Once you have the look you are going for, make sure to use a styling spray to keep it going strong all day.

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