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The perfect at home blowout

One of 2015's biggest hair trends was the "Blowout". We saw many salons in our area pop up offering the top hairstyles by professional hair stylists in 20 minutes! Of course, every session comes with a fee.

Let's be honest here, ladies. We all know we can master our own blowouts if we tried! We're showing you how easy it is using our round brush and Ceramkore blow dryer. The thought of creating our own blowouts is a little daunting, we know. You should have seen our first ones.. actually, you don't! We had it in us and we know you do too!

Here are our pro tips for creating your own beautiful blowout:

1. Use a hair protector - we recommend Vidal Sasson Heat & Protect Shine Spray
2. Rough dry your hair. This means, dry it but not all the way through. 
3. Start with your bottom layers and work your way up.
4. Using a medium sized brush can give you more control over volume.
5. If you're looking for more curlers on the bottom then give your round brush a twist when drying your hair. 


What we used:

1. John Frieda Volumizing spray to finish
2. Ceramkore Ruby Hair Dryer 

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