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VIDEO: Textured Beach Waves & Ribbon

Our second hairstyle of the month may be one of our favourites! If you're looking for a hairstyle for Valentines Day, this may be your new go-to. 

Our resident hair stylist Cara Christen is back to show us how she achieves textured beachy waves. Since Valentines Day is just around the corner, we've added a DIY ribbon detail to tie it all together!

For thicker hair like our model's, we have prepared her hair into multiple sections. Depending on how large you want your waves to be, you can do wider or smaller sections.

Watch our video below to see how Cara's technique on creating loose and beachy curls after she uses our Onyx Flat Iron.

Finish off the look with your favorite hair spray and you're complete! See below for the products we've used in this week's tutorial. 
Tri Aerogel Hairspray
Ceramkore Onyx Flat Iron
Elastic & Bobby Pins
Hair by Cara Christensen | Video and photos by Jonathan Spooner. 
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