VIDEO: Soft waves pinned back - Ceramkore

VIDEO: Soft waves pinned back

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you've been enjoying our video tutorial series as of late and if there are any hairstyles you would like to see from us, do let us know!

Today we're taking a previous hair style by Cara Christensen and give it a new twist, literally! 

We're taking our "braids and soft curls" style from a couple of weeks ago and transforming it with one simple step. 

After you remove the braid from your old style, give your locks a bit of  refresh using the Onyx Flat Iron. With a quick twist of the hair and bobby pins to hold it in place, Cara shows us how to take our hair from day to night! 

Take a peek below at the last video on how to achieve this look.

Finish off the look with your favorite hair spray and you're complete! See below for the products we've used in this week's tutorial. 
Tri Aerogel Hairspray
Ceramkore Onyx Flat Iron
Elastic & Bobby Pins

Hair by Cara Christensen | Video and photos by Jonathan Spooner. 
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