About Us - Ceramkore

About Us

We believe in empowering women to look and feel their best. As a beauty brand, we understand how important hair is to your self-esteem and confidence. 

Our team has worked hard to design and manufacture top quality hair styling tools so you can style your hair just the way you want and bring out your personality without compromise.

Ceramkore styling tools use a long wavelength called the Far Infrared Ray (FIR) – it has a wavelength of 5.6-1000 microns. This true ceramic technology does not require intense heat because these wavelengths generate deep, penetrating heat. This kind of heat is safer because it penetrates directly into the cortex of hair, heating each strand from the inside out. It creates an effect that relaxes and softens your hair. Each strand is heated evenly in a gentle drying process all while reducing heat exposure. The water molecules on the surface of the hair break apart into smaller droplets and get absorbed into the hair. Moisture is then locked within the cuticles to create a protective barrier to reduce chemical and bacteria build-up.

Ceramkore has, in fact, managed to harness this invisible portion of light to revolutionize the hair care industry with advanced styling tools. We have taken the invisible portion of the light spectrum (FIR) and used its inherent properties to benefit our hair’s health and beauty. Our products are able to provide a life changing experience when it comes to styling and drying hair.

Toxins are encapsulated by water and blood, which are then trapped throughout the body, including the scalp. Where these toxins have accumulated, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. However, when Far Infrared Rays (FIR) penetrates the scalp, they create micro vibrations that cause a thermal reaction elevating tissue temperatures. The energy from Far Infrared Rays (FIR) vibrates the water molecules and reduces the ionic bond between water/blood and toxins. As water breaks down, the encapsulated toxins are released. Because of the thermal energy, the scalp reacts by dilating all the blood vessels providing improved circulation to carry the toxins away. Improved circulation delivers nutrients and oxygen-rich blood cells to rejuvenated tissues, leading to a revitalized scalp, and reinvigorated follicles to reduce dandruff and prevent hair loss.